Adaptive chair

When I was very young my parents bought a rocking chair. It was soft and tan, tall and comfy. I remember my former nurse Jo, holding me in her arms in the comfortable rocker. Meanwhile, Mom was trying out different materials in order to create an adaptive chair for me.

For years she tried and tried different seats. I scooted out everything from cardboard to inner tubes. Finally, she noticed that rocker I mentioned can support me. After she added pillows to pad my legs and torso, I am able to relax in the cozy rocker once again.


accessible apps

For years I lacked accessible apps and now I love my accessible activities on my iPad. The Hangman App is awesome because of the misspelled word category. Furthermore, the Hangman App has other categories that suck you in such as states and capitals. I also Like the You Tube app because of the math videos by Vihart. Additionally, I love math videos with cool accents. Another App I use is Quizoid because it is hard and switch friendly. Uiz is a great app because it is simple in format but complicated in content . I love these apps because they’re accessible awesome and challenging.

ode to math

I think math is terrific. Mathematical proofs are awesome because they help me understand theories. I go to math club to be with friends who have fun with math. Math is great because it makes me joyful!

New Moons

I love the show PBS Infinite Series because of Tai-Danae the new host. Her name reminds me of Titan Arum the stinky flower. Also Titan the moon of Saturn. The old host Kelsey left to finish her dissertation. Gabe is a new co-host, AKA Enceladus to me because it is another of Saturn’s moons. The hosts are funny but also the math is awesome.


I love being poked because the suspension before the poke is funny . Sometimes my mom (mi madre) says the alphabet (el abcdario) slowly (lentamente) building up to the tickle (las cosquillas). Other times she counts down from 10 (se conta desde diez). The best is when it’s in a foreign language (una lengua extranjera) . When Neela joins in the contest it’s better than ever (cuando Neela ingresa al concurso es mejor que nunca) . I like pokes because they make me giggle.

Día de Gracia

Thanksgiving at my house is awesome (fantástico) because everyone is happy. My cousins smile and play games. Meanwhile the grown ups hang out and talk and laugh. My sister Neela eats dessert she made. I usually (usualmente) join the adults and listen with curiosity (curiosidad). Thanksgiving day (Día de Gracia) at home is fabulous (fabulóso).

Título: Somos Ithaca

Last Saturday (el último sábado) I went to Ithaca Reuse to participate in “We are Ithaca”. It is a project in which all people from Ithaca, NY are welcomed to bring something they enjoy (traer algo que disfrutan) to identify themselves (para identificar sus mismos). Using their symbolic props, people young and old pose (posan) for photographs that are then shared on the website.

When I went, I felt surprised by the photographer because the process was easy.

I think that this activity is fun because we are unique and united.