Last night we went to see fireworks at Sunset Park . I enjoyed them and some looked like hearts and happy faces but most looked like stars . The noise was thrilling. The boom was a blast literally. The entire trip was so fun when I got home I was sleepy and Dad put me to bed it was way past my bedtime . It was my first time seeing fireworks and I can’t wait for the next time .


Kelsey’s Visit

One of my favorite YouTube celebrities recently came to my house and it was marvelous. It was Kelsey from PBS Infinite Series. It was fun because I wrote a letter to Kelsey and instead of writing back she visited. Her visit was unexpected, it made me laugh and I could not believe that Kelsey was actually at the door!

We talked about a lot of things including other math YouTube channels. Neela showed her robot to her. Mom took some live pictures which are fun because the way she said hello reminded me of the show. It made me smile. I won’t forget that interview.

I love her show, PBS Infinite Series, on YouTube. I loved her the first time I saw her on Infinite Series. She was approachable on the show. I subscribed right after Infinite Series started. I think she explained really complicated math concepts clearly. When the show was cancelled I felt sad because I learned a lot more math than I was ever taught in school. One day I hope she has another YouTube show because she is awesome.

Kelsey told us about her thesis. Soon she will be defending her thesis and moving away. I will miss Kelsey but I can always watch some of her old episodes on YouTube. She is leaving Ithaca to be a professor. I think it would be fun to have her as my teacher because I like her and I enjoyed her show.


On Tuesdays and Thursdays Julia comes over to give me a massage. It makes me feel good and relaxed because she plays classical music while she rubs my calves . Julia’s massage is different than when my mom used to roll a ball on my spine because I can move while I had to stay still during the bodywork from Mom. I am glad to get massages from Julia .

Easter Fools

This year Easter fell on April fools day. When I came down in the elevator and came out I was surprised to see Santa with bunny rabbit ears. I looked for the basket for a minute and then I noticed that Saint Nick teamed up with the Easter Bunny and Hung our stockings full of Easter gifts.

We had an indoor easter egg hunt because it was raining. Inside the eggs were jokes on paper rolls. We tossed the eggs to someone else who opened the Easter egg and read the joke.

Afterwards we played duck duck goose. It was a fabulous day .

Adaptive chair

When I was very young my parents bought a rocking chair. It was soft and tan, tall and comfy. I remember my former nurse Jo, holding me in her arms in the comfortable rocker. Meanwhile, Mom was trying out different materials in order to create an adaptive chair for me.

For years she tried and tried different seats. I scooted out everything from cardboard to inner tubes. Finally, she noticed that rocker I mentioned can support me. After she added pillows to pad my legs and torso, I am able to relax in the cozy rocker once again.

accessible apps

For years I lacked accessible apps and now I love my accessible activities on my iPad. The Hangman App is awesome because of the misspelled word category. Furthermore, the Hangman App has other categories that suck you in such as states and capitals. I also Like the You Tube app because of the math videos by Vihart. Additionally, I love math videos with cool accents. Another App I use is Quizoid because it is hard and switch friendly. Uiz is a great app because it is simple in format but complicated in content . I love these apps because they’re accessible awesome and challenging.

ode to math

I think math is terrific. Mathematical proofs are awesome because they help me understand theories. I go to math club to be with friends who have fun with math. Math is great because it makes me joyful!