Spanish adaptive equipment

I am studying Spanish so I will sprinkle Spanish in my posts. So here you go.

My new physical therapist ordered a Kid Walk (un andador) for me to try out. It’s a piece of adaptive equipment that enables me (me apodera) to walk by supporting my legs and trunk (apollando mis piernas y el torso). It is exhilarating and freeing to navigate (navigar) school independently (independientemente). I hope it can strengthen my body (espero que me fortalece) and help me be more social (me hare mas social).


party = fiesta 

My birthday party was increíble. It was a zoo because there were a lot of friends running around. The best part was a huge Connect Four game because of the banging noise when the victory was won and the discs were emptied. 

My talk

Today was amazing because I had the opportunity to present about CP to a thousand educators from the Ithaca City School District. The applause boomed from the audience to the stage. I felt uncomfortable in my chair but in my heart I felt content. 

April (not the month) 

 “Wow that tongue is long, ” I thought when we first saw April the giraffe at the animal adventure park when we visited the other day. 
We saw April,  baby Taj & dad Oliver! Sharing a name with a giraffe is cool because they are spectacular creatures. 

Mountain Coaster

Yesterday we went fast and slow because I went to the mountain coaster at Greek Peak with Molly, Lydia and mom too. I felt like I was flying because it went as fast as a bullet around the curves! It was a blast. 

my humour

Hangnail is a funny word to me because I picture nails dangling a millimeter from a waterfall and another nine nails wounded. A hammer horror hangman of sorts.

Potential vomit during upside down time is another example of my humour.

As you may see I’ve got some good humour the world hadn’t heard until recently. Now when you hear me laughing you may be interested even more.


 Maybe you noticed the sun was eaten by the moon yesterday. Haha- it looked like that because the moon cast a shadow on earth! I viewed it from Northeast elementary school. My friend put together a telescope that showed the progress of the eclipse onto the side of a box. A lot more people were there looking at the sun with sun goggles. I thought the event was awesome because everyone who was there experienced an eclipse together. Afterward,  I hung out with my friends. It was a memorable event.