Upside down  

My teaching assistant is crazy because he tried to hang me upside down While I was flopping around he put a cup on the floor because I may vomit at any time If I vomited he wanted it to be caught in the cup. The chance of me accurately hitting the cup is one in a million. Nevertheless I thought it was funny. 

CP for me

I have cerebral palsy With dystonia I was born with it. Dystonia means that I have muscle spasms that I can’t control. Sorry for kicking you I’m not kicking on purpose. 
My brain works like a hard drive without the display function. I like to think.  The challenge is demonstrating what I’m thinking because the messages get jumbled on their way out. 


I went to the Johnson Art Museum with my family. I am a self advocate because I asked the security guard for help. Guess why.