my humour

Hangnail is a funny word to me because I picture nails dangling a millimeter from a waterfall and another nine nails wounded. A hammer horror hangman of sorts.

Potential vomit during upside down time is another example of my humour.

As you may see I’ve got some good humour the world hadn’t heard until recently. Now when you hear me laughing you may be interested even more.



 Maybe you noticed the sun was eaten by the moon yesterday. Haha- it looked like that because the moon cast a shadow on earth! I viewed it from Northeast elementary school. My friend put together a telescope that showed the progress of the eclipse onto the side of a box. A lot more people were there looking at the sun with sun goggles. I thought the event was awesome because everyone who was there experienced an eclipse together. Afterward,  I hung out with my friends. It was a memorable event. 

Kali the Pony

Saturday morning I went horseback riding for the first time ever, and it was very invigorating. It felt great to be outside and it felt good on my body. Tina from Ithaca College was there. Being on a pony felt magnificent. The movement was smooth and calming. I preferred to ride with a blanket instead of a saddle because the saddle was uncomfortable. With the blanket I relaxed on the pony. 


Do you like to swim? I like swimming because Lydia first met me at the Ithaca swim club when I was about 3 years old. Also I love floating all by myself with my neck float. It makes me happy because I get splashed and I am eager for a splash. When I swim I relax because the water feels good on my body.


One goal for fifth grade is independence from adults because I like hanging out with kids without grownups. I enjoy hearing real conversations. Another target is changing the way I participate in class. I would like to do independent writing by answering questions on my own and watching you tube when I am done because then I will have a break.


For several years my family participated in ABR because I have cerebral palsy. ABR is advanced biomechanical rehabilitation which is a massage that helps muscles relax for people with cp. We rolled weighted balls on my body for a timed amount each day. It felt good but it hurt to stay still. I wish it still happened because it was good for my pain. 

The Big Screen

I look forward to watching movies in the theater. It is fun because my dad and my friend Victor go with me. Also it is fun because of the booming sound and the big screen!